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Imaginvest has offered professional services exclusively to the leisure industry for the past 12 years. Our pragmatic approach is focused on generating exceptional value for visitors and shareholders.  We master both the creative aspects (Imagine) and sustainability (Investment) of our clients’ leisure projects.

Our range of experience allows us to stay at the side of investment decision makers throughout the life of their investment.  We assist our clients at every step from conceptualisation, to due diligence, through to a go / no go decision, opening to the public and ongoing monitoring.   We are also able to take charge of a single phase of the development process.

A Mix of Disciplines

Our team integrates specialists with expert knowledge of the highest calibre in the master planning, design, economics, business planning and reengineering of visitor attractions. 

The combined experience of our professional staff includes work with most major leisure operating groups, as well as many independent operations, financial institutions and public sector authorities.

Imaginvest has developed unique know-how, techniques and concepts which have proven successful when implemented for sites of all sizes across Europe and in Asia (see our approach).

We don't just provide a single service, we work with you to assess the requirement and tailor our services to fit.  We develop the programme with our clients and conceive solutions to meet their needs.  We integrate a large number of performance drivers and master the links between them.

In the projects we develop we do not necessarily aim for the most wildly creative nor the cheapest concepts.  Instead we find the optimal relationship between creativity and investment levels.  This ensures value for investors and a quality experience for visitors.

Work with model






Scale model



Usually, Imaginvest simultaneously delivers four types of output:

• Report

A detailed report with the data and analysis, especially the market, economic and financial aspects of the project. This report can be presented to investors.

• Master Plan

A master plan at a sufficient scale to understand the flow of visitors and the various components of the visitor attraction. It can also include architectural plans, detail plans, technical plans.

• Illustrations

Concept boards highlighting the visitor experience. This is usually presented as if the viewer is the visitor. Atmosphere is presented in a general illustration. Marketing documents are presented as leaflets or posters. Signage is presented as graphics.

Scale Model

Often a scale model completes the package and has proven to be an extremely efficient tool to convince investors, public authorities, media and the public prior to the opening.