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Performance Assessment

Our reputation is based upon delivering successful projects and successfull projects are created only when concepts are subjected to rigorous analysis.  Detailed performance assessment and projection is at the heart of our approach. 

Performance assessment can be a stand alone phase, taking the form of feasibility analysis but more typically this is the first phase in our work and is followed by ongoing strategic advice, master planning, concept and design, assistance with investment decision making, construction and opening to the public.

We consider the projects potential, whether it is a new build visitor attraction or an addition to an existing project.  This potential is reviewed in the context of the site, available markets and competitive environment.

For existing businesses we look at the current performance, the historic performance and benchmarks for other similar developments when we make projections.  For new builds the process if focused on the available markets, competitive environment and benchmarking.  Our approach is based upon the tried and tested industry methodology and upon detailed benchmarking, it is this which makes us succesful in assessing potential for our clients.

We track performance across the industry and have an extensive database to aid in benchmarking.  We complement this with project specific research.

Our no-nonsense reports provide our clients / investors / shareholders with a realistic view of potential.  We do not tell clients what they want to hear but rather give them the facts.  If projections for a project do not look favourable, our team works with the client to modify elements of the programme or operation to have a better fit with market demand.  It is always our goal to find a concept / set of strategies which work. 

We ensure full consideration for the guests expectations and the business case in all of our work.  We quickly identify problems and propose appropriate solutions.

We are not just auditors or experts, Imaginvest’s professionals have hands-on experience in operations, design or construction and we know what works and what does not.

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Predicting underperformance

Imaginvest has a track record of predicting problems at new attractions which have been overlooked by others.  Our goal for our clients is to identify problems or pitfalls in their plans well before they move ahead with projects.  In doing so we can save significant time, money and reputation.

For existing projects, which are perceived to be under-performing we test performance against benchmarks and review areas of the offer and operation which could be enhanced.  We highlight the issues and provide solutions.

Imaginvest professionals are not only experts with hands-on experience, they are your partners. We help identify and test the prefered development routes, or highlight areas of dysfunction and provide solutions.  One of our principal areas of expertise is in proposing solutions to enhance the performance of existing investments, including the creative reuse of assets.  A hallmark of Imaginvest is its speciality in reengineering.