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Investment Decision Support

Imaginvest is exclusively specialized in visitor attractions and masters all aspects of investment in this industry.

Imaginvest references cover the various types of attractions, from theme parks to heritage sites. Diverse clients have called Imaginvest to provide investment decisions support at their side: private owners; corporate groups; financial institutions; and public sector.

Imaginvest professionals have been involved in investment projects ranging from small enhancements within an existing site to multi-billion euro investments in new sites.

We usually accompany investment decision makers thoughout the whole process, from the initial idea to the implementation and launch.  We can also be hired for one particular phase of this process:

Investment Decision Process

  • Investment initiative

  • Research, analysis and benchmarking

  • Financial analysis and reporting

  • Presentations

  • Reviews

  • Negotiations

  • Recommendations

"Go!" or "No Go" is the critical moment in this decision making process.  Imaginvest professionals have provided the tools and support required to make this decision for countless clients.   Should our findings suggest a project should not go ahead in the form our client first imagines, we work with them to find solutions for a project which will work.

Our international expertise is at your disposal to improve the implementation of your project and lower the associated risks.  We not only help clients in making investment decisions and implementation but we can help with ongoing monitoring, trouble-shooting and further development.

Investors are rightly attracted by the commercial returns and image benefits provided by visitor attractions. However, they often have difficulty in evaluating the risks associated with their projects and tend to be either over-optimistic or, on the contrary, consider our industry as more risky as it actually is.  Our benchmarking driven approach grounds our clients projects in the reality of the wider industry.

Imaginvest helps you reduce the uncertainty associated with a visitor attraction project. We achieve this through many years of hands-on experience, quality assessment, lateral thinking, attention to details and the integration of many disciplines within our company and know-how.

Our approach  allows you to benefit from a wide range of performance factors. We include hundreds of aspects when analysing your investment project, and put them in the following main categories:

  • Local context

  • Penetration and image in the marketplace

  • Attractiveness of the visitor experience

  • Operational and technical constraints

  • Economic and financial analysis

  • Sustainability

Imaginvest develops the tools and arguments to convince your shareholders and other stakeholders of the viability and strategic merits of a project.  We know that the level of investments (often many millions of euros or dollars) can often necessitate the participation of several persons in the decision process. 

Getting organisations or multiple stakeholders to agree or at least allow the investment in the project is important.  Imaginvest has a proven track record in the most difficult decision making environments (see for instance the refinancing of Eurodisney in 2004, the relaunch of the Prater in Vienna, the reengineering of the Cité des Sciences or the decision of the authorities of Anjou about the site of the future theme park).