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Evaluation and Monitoring

Imaginvest remains at the side of operators, owners and investors throughout the investment process.  We don't just recommend strategies or design visitor attractions: we stay with a project for the longer term.

Our goal is to see the public enjoying their experience at the site and investors proud of the project and the results it has achieved.

Our approach integrates many disciplines and hundreds of factors, but the common goal for all of them is the successful opening to the public.  We exclusively work in the leisure, entertainment and culture industry, where the objective is to provide guests with memorable experiences.  The economic performance is measured with factors such as attendance, per capita spend, length of stay, EBITDA and ultimately return on the investment. 

We encourage our clients to closely monitor the key drivers for their business and we welcome a role where we provide ongoing monitoring and evaluation services.  Our experience, database and benchmarking can provide a depth of analysis and monitoring which most Clients’ organisations are unable to source in house.

Evaluation of progress against project goals must be carried out during implementation, prior to opening and once operational.

Implementation follow-up

To achieve strong results in the key drivers, accurate performance assessment of the initial situation, appropriate development strategy, efficient master planning and great design are prerequisites.  Careful monitoring is then important during implementation process.

The main role of Imaginvest is to ensure the final project is delivered in line with the design and the project goals.  We have developed tools to allow contractors to understand and closely follow the wishes of the creative team.

Our knowledge of technical and operational issues allows us to speak with engineers, building companies, craftsmen and specialists from our industry.  Working in various languages and with experience on all continents, we adapt easily to local contexts and habits.

During design development and construction, unexpected events may cause deviations in the project and increase the risk of not achieving the target.  With many years of hands-on experience, Imaginvest experts allow you to pinpoint areas or details which could greatly influence the output of the project.  Moreover, we suggest quick and pragmatic solutions to problems while maintaining the framework of schedules and budgets.

Pre-opening evaluation

A massive concentration of energy is needed by all members of your project team in the few weeks prior to the opening to the visitors. 

Imaginvest professionals are at their side to assist them with many details. Their primary role is to ensure that the project is delivered as designed and ready to thrill visitors.

Imaginvest is also called in to monitor the investment process.  The objective is to control the capital spent among the various components of the visitor attractions as they are built on site and ensure projects are built on budget and are viable.

Being present on the first day of opening to the visitors allows us to immediately see how well the attraction is received by the public.  In our industry, results of months and years of work can be almost instantly observed.  If the visitors come out of your visitor attraction with a twinkle in their eyes and happy faces, word-of-mouth will spread positively in the market.

On-going monitoring

We also offer ongoing monitoring services whereby we will monitor the key drivers of the business and the fit of the offer with the expectations of visitors and the broader market.

Our benchmarking driven approach gives our clients invaluable insight and provides them with a view of how their performance fits alongside that of others in the industry.  We are able to highlight areas which are successful and areas which require more work.  We can help by providing strategic advice and solutions to enhance performance or trouble-shooting to address immediate issues.

This ongoing monitoring can highlight opportunities to enhance the business: new attractions or development directions; reengineering opportunities; operational changes; theming and storytelling adjustments; refinancing opportunities etc.

Whether a fully commercial attraction or a not-for-profit cultural attraction, good planning and proactive monitioring and evaluation, can ensure a sustainable capital expenditure.