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Concept & Design

Imaginvest creates visitor attractions of all sizes, from single attractions with throughputs of a few hundred visitors per hour to schemes with a mix of uses designed for 80,000 visitors per day.

We design experiences which will attract a wide range of visitors, from families to senior citizens and foreign tourists.  They will share moments of joy and will remember your attraction as a prized memory.

We create memorable experiences for your visitors

Our designs consider local context and allow your project to be unique in its market while retaining authenticity.  We are proud that our clients are often told that the newly opened attraction is extremely well integrated in the local environment and culture. 

For new sites, we will help you increase the chances that your project meets and exceeds expectations of the visiting public.

For existing sites, we improve the offer adding enjoyable experiences and cohesive stories and themes, or reengineering the whole or a part of the site to attract more visitors. 

Our concepts are always driven by the project goals, whether they be to increase or maintain attendance, drive visitor spending, enhance the operating efficiency, or improve the appeal to a particular target group etc.

Our designs and master plans enhance the offer to improve attendance and length of stay.  By keeping visitors in park longer and providing a more compelling experience we help boost visitor spending. 

We don't just design the attractions within the site, we assist putting professional and appealing branding and marketing tools in place. Our creative know how can significantly boost the appeal of the facility in its market. 

Our design of an attraction typically includes:

  • Benchmarking
  • Programme
  • Capacity and dimensioning
  • Mix of activities
  • Theme(s)
  • Storyboard
  • Name and identity
  • Graphic design
  • Illustrations
  • Marketing tools
  • Access
  • Visitor flow
  • Mobility systems
  • Scenography
  • Ride layout
  • Show design
  • Exhibit design
  • Text writing
  • Educational elements
  • Architectural plans
  • Scale models
  • Decors
  • Light and sound
  • Special Effects
  • Landscape
  • Water features
  • Streetscapes
  • Signage and guest orientation
  • Presence of sponsors
  • Costume design
  • Design for visitor comfort
  • Links with food and beverage
  • Links with merchandise
  • Admissions and controls
  • Backstage areas
  • Operational constraints
  • Construction techniques
  • Maintenance constraints
  • Budget
  • Schedule

We evaluate the concept and ensure that all the selected elements are blended in an appropriate way.  We consider such issues as layout, opportunities for direct participation and involvement, entertainment content, on-site patronage, seasonality, occupancy rates, usage, vehicle and pedestrian access, pricing programs, length of stay.

Prerequisite for these programme elements are previous phases of assessment of the market and context of the project, as well as exchanges with the owner and project stakeholders on the possible strategic direction.

We bring you a forward looking team of professionals. Our creative spirit never ceases to draw inspiration from the timeless success factors of visitor attractions, while integrating the most modern technologies. Throughout the projects they have been involved with, Imaginvest professionals have often developed prototypes which became references in the industry.

We work closely with the local project team and complement their skills. We don't need to bring the whole range of disciplines and like to integrate talents within the local context (especially teachers, historians, artists, craftmen, managers, construction, etc..).

In addition to the contribution during the creative and design process, our involvement usually extends to the design development and construction phases.  We follow-up the implementation of the project and if needed, quickly adapt the design to unexpected changes or constraints.  We are at the side of the investment decision maker prior to the opening to the public.  We can also assist you in monitoring the performance of the attraction once operating.

Concept and design for theme parks


Scale Model


Advertising poster



Scale model







The stories, messages and themes influence all aspects of the attraction.

There are three principal types of themes:

• the main theme of the site
• the themes of each zone
• the theme of each activity.

The objective is to make the offer more attractive for the public.  As such, the theme is the first element of a marketing plan concerning the product.

Development of the themeing includes:
• visitor segmentation
• research
• workshops
• interviews
• creative brainstorming
• stories
• storyboards
• sketches
• scale models
• design briefings
• architectural implications
• links with merchandise
• licensing
• decoration
• construction options
• long-term sustainability

Scale Models

To present an investment project to stakeholders, financial projections are often complemented by a visualisation of the future visitor attraction.

This can take the form of computerized images. But often a scale model has proven to be instrumental in the decision making of the stakeholders. 

Such a model is not developed for the sole use of the decision process

Imaginvest uses scale models during the design process but also as a tool to achieve understanding of design goals among companies and craftsmen involved in the implemen-tation process.

The precision and quality of our scale models has often allowed clients to by-pass some design development phases and use them as a reference for contractors

Scale Model

As built



Creative Team

Imaginvest contribution to the creative process can take several forms:

• Creative Director

Managing the creative process and ensuring an optimum value for the investment.

• Scenography

Directing the stories, messages, scenary and texts, as well as the audiovisual aspects of a visitor attraction project (decors, light, sound, special effects, atmosphere, signages, props, furnitures)

• Art Director

Overseeing the visual part of the process: sketches, design, illustrations, scale models, graphics, adver-tising, printed documents, visual identity and logo.

• Part of the creative team

Called in for specialized expertise in visitor attractions (within a mixed-use development) or specific disciplines mastered by our own professionals or from our network of Imaginvest accredited talents.