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Imaginvest works with clients in many situations including those who are commencing new build projects on greenfield or brownfield sites. If your project is to develop a new visitor attraction and you require professional assistance from a company with solid references, we are well placed to help.

Imaginvest is exclusively dedicated to the leisure industry and shares your goals: draw strong visitation and meet investors’ expectations.

Creating a new facility often has more inherant risk than other types of projects. Through our diverse services, experience and approach, we minimise this risk for our clients. With more than two decades of proven international experience, our experts are of the highest calibre and will be at your side through this journey. We will work with the investment decision maker / project manager, reducing uncertainties along the way to help achieve your targets.

To optimise the chances of success and subsequent sustainability of visitor attractions, Imaginvest has developed a unique approach. This approach is based on simultaneously adressing the main key performance drivers: integration in the local context, market analysis and positioning, assessing the economic performance, designing the visitor experience, and taking care of operational constraints.

Each of these aspects is studied in increasing details during the project development phases:

Imaginvest specialty is to develop attractions which provide authentic experiences, sometimes rooted in local history or culture, which make them unique not only in their market but beyond, attracting tourists. The talent of our professionals is to create a unique, successful attraction in its market. In doing this we do not just draw on our own experience but on the accummulated knowledge of an industry which has been evolving for well over a century.

Learning from theme parks

Our specialist know-how was developed working on the creation and implementation of theme parks. These are rightly considered as complex visitor attractions because of their size and interaction between multiple elements. A regional theme park can for example handle 20,000 visitors instantaneously and provide each of them with an enjoyable experience. They are also extremely attractive investments, when well planned, generating strong cash flows year after year.

Over the past decade, other types of visitor attractions have decided to learn from the experience of the best theme parks and integrate their success factors with their own particular needs and objectives.

Imaginvest experts are at the forefront of this trend and will help you integrate this entertainment industry knowledge in: entertainment and educational experience, enclosed or open-access facilities, urban and natural developments, science and heritage attractions, private and public partnerships.

Weak new projects

Imaginvest has a track record of predicting problems at new attractions which have been overlooked by others. Developers, operators, project managers and investors from other industries or sectors occasionally underestimate the level of analysis and understanding required to develop a new visitor attraction. Such oversights can impact initial feasibility or sustainability.

"Fun is serious business". A sentence which says that ego or simply falling in love with the wrong concepts can lead to underperformance or bankrupcy. The business risk for visitor attractions is mainly during the design and development phases and our experience can dramatically minimise this risk. Through our approach and knowledge we are able to guide stakeholders through the process, providing solutions for the creation of sustainable and financially rewarding projects.

New Asia

Several Imaginvest pro-fessionals, including the company's President Emmanuel Mongon, have worked in Asia.

They understand the nuances of the cultures and contexts in China, Japan, India, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Imaginvest allows develo-pers to integrate the best of both worlds: internationally proven references and tools, blended harmo-niously with the specifics of Asia.

Imaginvest will help you create a world-class destination attractive for tourists as well as for the resident population.

Imaginvest is a member of PATA, Pacific Asia Travel Association (

Selected References

Imaginvest professionals have experience with development of new sites on all continents and have lived through the unique challenges of opening new facilities to visitors.

With more than three decades of experience, our chief master planner Jim Pazillo, for example, has been master planner, project architect, and/or project leader for : Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags over Mid America, Six Flags over Texas, Hershey Chocolate World, Disney-world Epcot, Autoworld, Paramount’s Carowinds, Libertyland, Lion Country Safari, Niagara Falls Mapple Leaf Village, Meridian View Center, Perimagico Mexico, River Plantation, Tivoli Pier, Time Voyager Queen Mary, Ringling Bros. Circusworld, Hawaii Waters, Nippon Space World, Parc Asterix, Terra Botanica, Ancol Indonesia Oceanarium, Korea Everland and Guilin China Merryland.