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New Entrant

As a company with many years of experience in the visitor attractions industry wealways enjoy working with clients who are either entering the industry for the first time or who bring an existing concept to unfamiliar markets. This kind of work allows us to call upon all our skills to the maximum benefit of the client.

Types of missions for new entrants

Regional Development

You need a trusted partner who deeply understands the culture and potential pitfalls of working in the region you are targeting. A partner with experience to complement your own.

For entry into Europe we are well placed to help. Imaginvest originated in Europe and understands the different European cultures. Our professionals are from different countries and we use three European languages on a daily basis. Based in Paris we can travel easily and reach most of Europe within a couple of hours.

We are also adept at handling a move into Asia as our professionals have proven experience in Asia, north and south. Our founder and President has lived and worked in Asia, and understands the cultures and differences with western approaches. We can incorporate plans and reports in chinese, japanese, malay, indonesian and vietnamese. We have trusted asian professionals who can represent your interest and be invaluable part of the project team.

Members of our professional team also have extensive experience working in the Middle East from development hotspots such as Dubai to up and coming tourism destinations including Abu Dhabi and Bahrain.

Within these regions we can assist you with our whole range of services or other needs specific to your activity.

Entry into the leisure industry

Given the growth in the industry and high profile institutional investing, visitor attractions have been in the spotlight and new entrants are constantly attracted to the industry and its opportunities. They are attracted by proven stable cash flows and excellent returns. Even those investors with extensive experience in similar sectors benefit greatly from seeking advice from professionals from within the industry.

Exclusively dedicated to visitor attractions, Imaginvest allows them to get confidential expertise of the highest calibre and individual recommendations on specific investment projects. These investors appreciate the objective and independent advice of senior partners with hands-on experience.

Often new entrants, whether private investors or public authorities creating a new tourism draw, underestimate the complexity of setting up a sustainable new attraction. While the industry offers great opportunities such as financial gain, improving broader development schemes, inducing tourist visits and enhancing the image of a company or site, it does require significant know-how to realize these.

Budgets for attractions developments can run to many millions and it is critical that no capital is committed to construction before proper market analysis and feasibility work has been undertaken. Performing this work along with detailed master planning and concept development allows new entrants to unlock the potential visitor attractions can provide them with.

All too often, people new to the industry proceed with a development based upon little analysis and work with unqualified consultants and designers who provide naïve advice unsuited to the specifics of the market. Our approach and experience is tailored to provide our clients with sustainable projects which they can be proud of.

We can help in assessing the suitability of markets, sites and concepts for those entering the industry and can offer design and planning services. If you require an overview and benchmarking to help frame your plans this can also be provided.

Learning from visitor attractions

We adapt easily to new situations and can act as a bridge for clients wishing to learn from leisure industry practices. Our broad experience and skill sets means we can provide insight in diverse scenarios.

We can bring theme park know-how and entertainment to heritage sites and equally educational messages and cultural touches to entertainment sites. We also see great benefits for tourist orientated towns or areas to learn from the leisure industry and the creation of a great visitor experience and the management of visitor flows.

With Imaginvest, heritage sites learn to introduce leisure industry concepts:

  • More professional visitor management
  • Higher levels of visitor comfort
  • More entertaining exhibits
  • The use of show technologies
  • Enhancing the stay to drive stronger revenues from food and beverages and shops
  • And sophisticated marketing strategies and tools.

Amusement parks can learn a great deal from Imaginvest know-how in developing educational and heritage sites:

  • Developing stronger more authentic themes and stories
  • Higher quality environments and landscaping
  • Techniques for decor using local crafts
  • Development of educational programmes
  • And enhanced integration with local culture.

Tourism destinations and cities learn from Imaginvest:

  • To make the most of their themes and local stories
  • To consider the tourists visit as a whole which can be managed
  • To create opportunities for visitors to spend and try to increase the length of their stay
  • To provide entertainment alongside education to give a stronger message
  • And to consider visitor services and marketing in a more dynamic manner.

Euro Attractions Show

When IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) decided to develop a trade show in Europe in association with the representatives of the European suppliers industry, both institutions agreed to ask Emmanuel Mongon to chair the Board of Directors of this new venture. In three years, this has become the largest attractions industry show in Europe.

Accor Ibis Hotels

When the Accor hotel group wanted to learn from theme restaurants for improving their 2-star Ibis hotels, they asked Imaginvest not only to present development options, but also to design and build turn-key test restaurants in Marseille and Paris Bercy.


When the former WLRA (World Leisure and Recreation Association), an NGO working in partnership with UNO, wanted to reach out beyond university professors specialized in leisure, they called in Imaginvest for assistance.

Emmanuel Mongon has been nominated Board Member and contributed to the evolution of strategies for three years. The most visible sign was the whole rebranding and develop-ment of a complete visual identity including a strong logo and colour scheme.

The last World Leisure Congress was held in Hangzhou, China, in 2006.

The next one will be in Quebec City, Canada, October 6-10th, 2008. It will coincide with Quebec City's 400th anniversary cele-brations.