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Reinvestment is a constant requirement for attractions of all types, which must regularly add fresh content to maintain or grow their market share. Reinvestments and additions are a key for the sustainability of visitor attractions.

The "New" effect is used in attractions marketing to trigger repeat visits. This effect could be the addition of a new ride or a new land at a theme park, the opening of a touring exhibit at a gallery, or the birth and display of a rare animal at a zoo.

Imaginvest focusses on creating this "new" effect, a buzz and a strong marketing message, as well as meeting investors expectations by providing viable solutions which enhance the bottom line.

The goal as always is the successful opening to the public and achieving the expected return on investment.

The choices relating to reinvestment are strategic. These choices follow a careful assessment of the market and the attraction’s performance and strategic options. Reinvestment plans are typically devised as a part of an overall master plan with Imaginvest taking a view of the whole site with the owner or operator.

Imaginvest has the capacity to be a project leader for the whole reinvestment process until the opening to the public, or act only for one aspect of the project. We are able to handle your requirements whether is if for a reinvestment of hundreds of thousands to ten million euros.

Improved Performance at Lower Risk

There is always a place for innovation in visitor attractions concepts but tweaking the tried and tested can be equally valuable. Good reinvesment strategy does not necessarily mean the creation of wild new concepts, or going higher, faster or longer. Good reinvestment strategy is matching the concept to the market and the existing offer and ensuring that the business case is solid.

Reducing the risks associated with major additions is a particular skill and requires hands-on expertise in visitor experience. Integrating the expansion with the existing offer to complete the overall experience is one of our skills.

Our designers and planners have been involved in many "firsts", rides, shows, visitor services or other components of a visitor attraction which have then become standards in their own market and often in the industry.

Our approach is individualized and complements our capacity for developing innovation with a simultaneous care for marketing appeal, economic performance drivers and operational constraints.

That's why we usually design the visitor experience together with the advertising campaign and visual identity. This takes into account that our industry is not about "do it and they will come," as it is necessary to communicate additions effectively to attract potential visitors for their first visit or to return to your site.


Imaginvest contribution to the design and development process of a site expansion typically includes:

• Target market
• Attendance forecast
• Pricing strategy
• Marketing strategy
• Expected revenue growth
• Warranted investment
• Program
• Capacity / dimensioning
• Benchmarking
• Mix of activities
• Theme(s)
• Storyboard
• Scenario
• Name and identity
• Graphic design
• Illustrations
• Advertising campaign
• Leaflet
• Visitor plan
• Sponsorship
• Anchors and views
• Access
• Visitor flow
• Wait areas
• Mobility systems
• Technologies
• Scenography
• Ride layout
• Interactive activities
• Playgrounds
• Show design
• Exhibit design
• Text writing
• Educational elements
• Local Integration
• Architectural plans
• Scale models
• Decors
• Light and sound
• Special Effects
• Landscape
• Water features
• Streetscapes
• Signage and orientation
• Costume design
• Visitor comfort
• Food and beverage
• Shop and merchandise
• Admissions and controls
• Returning visitors
• Backstage areas
• Operational constraints
• Construction techniques
• Maintenance constraints
• Budget
• Schedule