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Imaginvest works with attractions in many different ways and for existing attractions our goal is of course to enhance aspects of the attraction and its performance. If you need your leisure site to be more attractive and are looking for complementary or additional expertise to suplement your operational teams, Imaginvest are able to help.

Imaginvest is focussed on the interests of owners and investors, and to provide them with a great return, we must provide the visitors with a great experience.

Delighted visitors and shareholders

We can assist you achieve one or more of the following goals :

  • More visitors
  • Reach new target markets
  • Enhance penetration in specific markets
  • A more rewarding or memorable experience
  • Staying or getting ahead of the competition
  • Integrating the latest technologies and trends
  • A longer stay for visitors on the site
  • Higher per capita spending
  • More efficient operations
  • Lower maintenance and operational costs
  • Optimized investments
  • Increased sustainability

A visitor attraction is a coherent whole, but comprised of hundreds of components. Visitors usually grasp a fraction of these, as they concentrate on the "good time" they are having. And guests should not analyse and dissect the site. That's the role of the management and project team.

Which elements have the highest impact of the visitor experience and the performance of the site? What are the priorities? What is the optimum balance of components? Imaginvest are experts in the dynamics and design of visitor attractions and can assist you in defining the appropriate strategy.

At the start of every mission Imaginvest is at great pains to understand your goals and your operation. Imaginvest professionals can accompany you from the initial assessment to design of the enhancements and all the way to the opening to the public and can make regular evaluations afterwards.

You will benefit from talents of the highest calibre, from our own professionals or specialized experts and suppliers we select especially for your project. Our creative and technical directors will dedicate their energy to present you with the most appropriate solutions.


Here are just a few among hundreds of components of a visitor attraction which enter into enhancement programmes :

• Visitor flow
• Guest orientation
• Guest services
• Visitor comfort
• Welcome services
• Pedestrian circulations
• Accessibility
• Waiting time
• Stories
• Rides
• Mobility systems
• Interactive activities
• Playgrounds
• Shows
• Special effects
• Exhibits
• Decors
• Landscape
• Water features
• Places and streets
• Food and beverage
• Shops
• Toilets
• Admissions
• Controls
• Access Roads
• Parkings
• Accomodation
• Market penetration
• Name, brand and logo
• Visual identity
• Costumes
• Training
• Safety
• Maintenance
• Staff working conditions
• Management
• Information technology
• Advertising
• Visitor plan
• Sponsorship

Case study: Prater