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For investors wishing to exit, realising the value of the visitor attractions they have built up and for those wishing to purchase existing visitor attractions as going concerns, Imaginvest’s experience in the acquisition and sale of visitor attractions is invaluable. Some of our professional staff have played important roles in the due diligence process for some of the industries most high profile sales in recent years.

We are able to analyse the site and market’s potential and provide projections of likely performance as well as sale value. We can work with you to develop strategies to be implemented by the future owner to add value to the site or group and we can sense check and review historic performance based on benchmarking.

Whether you want to sell or to acquire an existing site the following services will be of help:

  • Due diligence
  • Analysis of the existing site
  • Growth opportunities and strategies
  • Business planning
  • Operational analysis
  • Sense checking
  • Assistance with negotiatiation
  • Valuation benchmarking
  • Reviews of market and competitive environment
  • Reinvestment programs
  • Independent assessment
  • Reports to shareholders
  • Investment decision process
  • Go / No go recommendation
  • Evaluation
  • On-going monitoring

Our independent, hands-on experience can be applied to ensure our clients understand the opportunities they have as either buyer or seller.

Our industry experience and qualifications mean we are able to highlight issues other generalist consultants miss. While there is a place for the major accounting firms in the due dilligence process, the value we are able to add can provide great confidence and will defend your interests.

Imaginvest is of course unable to divulge confidential information and in some instances is unable to discuss or name the assignments we have undertaken for these missions.

Selected missions
  • Enhancing a visitor attraction up to a point where owners have successfully sold their equity stake (example Fort Fun, Germany)

  • Due diligence for potential investor, leading to recommend acquisition (example Caisse des Dépôts, France)

  • Due diligence for a potential investor, leading to a recommendation not to go ahead with an acquisition (example Futuroscope, France)

  • Assisting new owners of a visitor attraction to take full advantage of the acquired assets (example Kongeparken, Norway)

  • An acquisition project for potential investors and assist the bidders in a tender process (example private investors in Budapest, Hungary)

  • Advising owners on a strategy to reengineer an underperforming site with the goal to attract investors (example Sentosa, Singapore)

Case Study Eurodisney

Imaginvest was experts for the banks during the 2004 refinancing of Disneyland Resort Paris.

Our role was to defend the interests of the banks, analysing business plans and projections and providing an industry perspective and bench-marking driven review of past under-performance and likely future perfor-mance.

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