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Private Owners


Private owners are often personally involved in the operations of their visitor attractions. Their personal stake can be 100% of the equity invested in the facility and can represent a majority of their assets. The visitor attraction generates cash flow for them and provides a return on their capital and time investment. They are willing to take limited risks but are faced with increased complexity in the design and development process.

Amusement Business, December 1999

We are proud to have developed a clientele of private operators who are highly regarded within the attractions industry.

Imaginvest provides these operators with external talent of the highest calibre, which would typically only be available in-house to much larger groups with significant budgets. Our professionals know where to find the latest technologies and trends world-wide and select appropriate solutions for their clients. 

With us, private owners find a trusted partner with multi-disciplinary skills, able to adapt to varied demands and projects:

  • Development of a new attraction
  • Design of a new ride
  • Production of a new show
  • Scenography of exhibits
  • Restaurants, kiosks and shops
  • Enhancement of an area
  • Theming strategy
  • Reengineering of an organically grown park
  • Master planing and visitor circulation
  • Reorganisation of guest services
  • Professional marketing
  • Reaction to increased competition
  • New visual identity
  • New park entrance
  • Expansion of the site
  • Creation of a second gate
  • Developing accommodation
  • Sale of the business

Private investors

Given the growth in the industry and increasing attention from major financial institutions, Imaginvest has been working increasingly for private individuals eager to enter into the visitor attractions business. They are attracted by the proven stable cash flows and strong return on investments from the most commercial elements of the industry.

Exclusively dedicated to visitor attractions, Imaginvest allows them to get confidential expertise of the highest level and individual recommendations on specific investment projects. These private investors appreciate the objective and independent advice of senior partners with hands-on experience. 

To get more details and references on these dedicated services, contact us.

Fischer family

The Fischer family founded the first german theme park 75 years ago (see Tripsdrill case study).

In a region reknown for its high quality standards and a quest of technical excellence (home of  Mercedes and Porsche), they have developed a signature park with many original "first" in the industry.

Imaginvest is proud to work with the family Fischer for the past 12 years.

Lund family

The Lund family acquired an existing site in Stavanger, Norway, in a very small market of 300 000 inhabitants.

Successfully implementing a master plan developed with Imaginvest, they tripled the attendance of Kongeparken theme park.

Private heritage sites

Private owners of heritage sites and family estates are a special case.

Emmanuel Mongon, foun-der of Imaginvest, actually started in this industry with the rehabilitation and opening to the public of a heritage site in France. This XII-XVth century castle won a prize for the best restoration of the year in 1978.

This deep understanding of the particular conditions of heritage sites have allow Imaginvest to assist other private owners.

They look for ways to increase attendance and revenues, and offering their guests a longer and more entertaining experience.

More: see Heritage.