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Financial Institutions

Over the last decade, financial institutions have shown great interest in investing in visitor attractions and leisure and with good reason.  Well conceived and run commercial attractions provide excellent cash flows year after year. 

While the industry offers great opportunity for these institutions and other investors, they often do not have much in-house exposure to its nuances.  

There is relatively little publicly available information, benchmarks and reports and specialized departments within traditional consulting firms are limited in the depth of information and insight they can typically provide. 

Before deciding on investing in an existing business or a new project, blue chip financial institutions have therefore turned to Imaginvest to get:

Exclusively dedicated to the visitor attractions industry, Imaginvest provides our clients with expertise of the highest calibre, with a multi-disciplinary and no-nonsense approach.

Imaginvest can help you for a specific phase of the investment decision or implementation process, or throughout the life of the project.  Through individualized assistance and the dedication of senior professionals, you get the assistance of a reliable partner who understands your objectives and constraints. 

With a proven track record and experience of visitor attractions of all types and sizes and in the most varied geographical environments, Imaginvest is well placed to assist you worldwide.

The 40 banks of Eurodisney

Faced with the refinancing of Eurodisney in 2004, the banks asked Imaginvest to analyse the business plan presented by the Disney Corporation. Imaginvest was the bank advisor throughout the negotiating process.