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Investment decision makers in charge of developing visitor attractions are under increasing pressure from shareholders to deliver strong performance.

Rather than relying on generalist in-house expertise, Imaginvest allows these decision makers to benefit from experts of the highest calibre with very specific skill sets.  Our professionals, who are very experienced in working in corporate environments, adapt quickly to the local conditions of the project and deliver timely and valuable solutions.

Corporations also rely on the independent and made-to-measure approach of Imaginvest to get a view of a regional or national market, a trend in an industry sector, an audit of an existing facility or a design for a new attraction (see projects).

Shareholders and project managers appreciate the unbiased and objective attitude of Imaginvest, which help them make better decisions regarding investments of all sizes.

Major Groups

In Europe, over the past two decades, the visitor attractions industry has undergone an evolution in terms of ownership.  Initially the sector principally comprised of private owners of individual facilities but recently their has been significant consolidation with a few major groups emerging.

In fact the professionals of Imaginvest have worked with most theme park groups, from the mega park chains such as Universal Studios and Disney, through to the European groups such as the Tussauds Group and Parques Reunidos. The references of our professionals also include work with many other corporations in the entertainment and leisure industries.

30 years of experience

The emergence of corporate groups in the theme park industry began in the USA with the Six Flags Group, who started the first chain of regional theme parks in the 1960's.  At the same time Walt Disney developed the Magic Kingdom in Los Angeles. The master plan of all the initial Six Flags theme parks and many attractions in those facilities were created by the legendary Duell Corporation. This company successfully designed 15 of the 50 biggest theme parks world-wide and some of the first in Asia (Dunia Fantasi in Jakarta, Indonesia, Everland in Korea, Spaceworld in Japan or Mandarin Duck in Guilin, China). Duell stopped operating in the 1990s for personal reasons but its Vice-President, Mr Jim Pazillo, is now the chief master planner of Imaginvest, which benefits from more than 30 years of his experience.

Case study: Sentosa

Sentosa Corporation

"As we reach our five year milestone in the rejuvenation of Sentosa Island, I would like to thank you for your valuable contributions. Your efforts and vision were instrumental in repositioning Sentosa into a world-class lifestyle and leisure destination."

Darell Metzger, Chief Executive, Sentosa Leisure Group, Singapore