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Description 20 hectares of amusements in the city centre.

Leisure Park in city center

Historic Wheel

Theme Park
Leisure Facility
Heritage Site
Cultural & Museum
Natural & Wildlife
Urban Development
Tourism Destination
Location Vienna, Austria.
Attendance category
Open since 1766, given by the Emperor as an amenity for the population of Vienna. One of the oldest leisure sites in the world and the oldest city leisure park in Europe.  Known as a European leader in amusement at the end of the 19th century (Little Venice, Giant Wheel).

City of Vienna
Private Owner
Financial Institution
Public Sector
Description The City of Vienna had already tried several attempts to reengineer the Prater. The mission was considered by many locally and in the industry as hopeless.  Mrs Laska, Vice-Mayor, decided to dedicate energy to this task and progress is being made.

Prater Renaissance
New Site
Acquisition & Sale
New Entrant
Description The Prater lost its glamour and appeal in the second half of the 20th century and the City needed to reengineer and upgrade.

Visitor plan

Achievement After three years of assistance from Imaginvest, a complete master plan was developed and 40% of the subprojects have been implemented successfully.
Sub-projects 250 subprojects were developed. The following  ones are already implemented successfully:

• Master plan
• Measure of attendance
• New marketing surveys
• International benchmarking
• New operating company
• New urban zoning
• New visitor flow
• New places
• New information services
• New visitor plan
• New leaflet
• New toilets
• New services for babies
• New events
• New entrances
• New streetscape
• New lighting
• New sound regulations
• New landscaping
• New trash bins
• 5 New rides
• New shows
• New children theater
• New F&B
• New kiosks
• New shops
• New mobility system
• Overall theme
• New names for components
• New character
• New sponsors
• New security
• New cleaning services
• Pedestrianisation of the site
• Backstage tour
• Replacing weakest offers
• Reuse of a bankrupt facility
• Moving casinos
• Project for adjacent lots
• Strategy for the museum
• New guest parking
• New subway station
• New parking for buses
• New taxi stands
• New access roads
• Complete site cleaning
• Training for the staff
• New maintenance team
• New infrastructure plans
• New information system
• New site plans
• New database
• New relations with operators
• New delivery rules
• Foreign visits for operators
• Foreign visits for local government
• New handling of projects
• Dimensioning factors
• Control of some parcels
• Increased private reinvestment
• New administration
• New logo
• New presence within the industry
• Host of Euro Attractions Show

Description Master plan, zoning, development strategy, design of visitor services and public spaces, new management company, implementation of 250 subprojects.
Performance Assessment
Strategic Advice
Master Planning
Concept & Design
Investment Decision Support
Evaluation & Monitoring
Other Services