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Imaginvest works throughout the visitor attraction industry and understands the nuances of each attraction category.  We are expert in the dynamics and design of theme parks, entertainment attractions, educational attractions, cultural and heritage sites, wildlife attractions and mixed-use schemes with leisure anchors.

Our references range from single purpose, small-scale attractions through to large and operationally complex leisure facilities.

Imaginvest’s core team came from the theme park industry and initially specialized in this area of visitor attractions.  The company pools the expertise of high-caliber professionals who have worked for most major operating groups in the theme park sector world-wide as well as for many privately owned theme parks and visitor attractions of all sizes.  As our staff and experience has grown we have diversified our knowledge base and services and have expert knowledge of the entire visitor attractions industry.

Imaginvest’s unique and hands-on expertise has been applied for clients as diverse as:

Among our references, the Tour Eiffel and Cité des Sciences are respectively Europe’s most successful viewing and science attractions. In Asia, Singapore's Sentosa Island and the Australian National Parks are examples of unique leisure sites which have benefited from Imaginvest’s know-how.

There are many visitor attraction and client types: public or private; education, culture or pure entertainment; and these have increasingly blurred lines. Imaginvest’s broad experience means we are at ease with these diverse project and client types.

Imaginvest’s focused approach for each type of leisure site allows owners and operators of those facilities to:

  • Attract more visitors
  • Provide a more memorable experience
  • Increase length of stay and spending
  • Optimize investments
  • Generate strong and stable cash flows

Visitors returning in large numbers year after year are proof of success for the attractions created or reengineered by Imaginvest. Our team dedicates its energy to see happy visitors, which equal happy investors, owners and operators. We develop long term partnerships with our clients and we strive to receive excellent feedback.

A more visible industry

The visitor attractions industry is now becoming more visible within a nation's economy.

Touching on tourism, leisure, culture, resorts, city planning, nature, sport, etc...

The UK is leading the way in Europe. In 2004, the first Visitor Attraction Confe-rence gathered in London, in Queen Elisabeth Centre, with representatives of the entire industry.

The event was a major milestone for the UK industry, gathering together professionals from galleries to amusement parks, from heritage sites to food and beverage operations.

Emmanuel Mongon was invited to present his "Vision for the Industry" from the point of view of a European expert.