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Our Approach

How does Imaginvest approach a visitor attraction and maximize its appeal and performance ?

Overall vision

Imaginvest shares your vision and considers the site and your project in its entirety.  Our first step is to understand your goals.

Phases of a project and deliverables are important but just a part of the process with one objective: the successful opening to the public.

Looking at the whole picture allows us to pinpoint areas of dysfunction. This capacity to quickly and accurately see the problems, explain the reasons and propose solutions results in an extraordinary success ratio.

Our approach is grounded in the depth of our experience in the industry and we are driven not only by good design and planning but by benchmarking and objective analysis.  We bring lateral thinking and problem solving to deliver our clients’ projects as sustainable and exciting visitor attractions.

Integrated disciplines

A successful visitor attraction results from the sustainable combination of the following performance factors:

Parallel development of each of these aspects and monitoring the coherence among them throughout the project forms the core of our methodology (see  "Imaginvest sustainability circle").

Attention to details

Even a small visitor attraction is more complex than people outside the industry would believe. Imagine then the creation of a leisure site able to harmoniously handle 50,000 visitors in one single day!

In our industry, attention to every detail is crucial.  Every part of a project (a door, a floor, a signage, a transport system, an object) needs to cope with tens of thousands visitors on a daily basis.  Designing a major visitor attraction has similarities with mega projects like airports or transport systems.

In creating a visitor attraction, Imaginvest takes care of thousands of different aspects. Every detail counts. A single out-of-place object can destroy the effect of a million euro show or ride. This mindset is common to all Imaginvest professionals, because they have had extensive hands-on experience learning the hard way. 

With Imaginvest, you will have a dedicated partner at your side with a careful approach, who will often detect potential risks in advance and suggest appropriate solutions to optimize the value of your investment.