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Visitor Experience

The smiles of your guests are a measure of success

An excellent visitor experience is the key success factor for visitor attractions. 

The prime objective is to provide visitors with a memorable experience to share with their family or group.

The smiles of your guests are a measure of success.  We strive to go well beyond satisfaction aiming for thrilled guests who will tell their friends about their experience. Word-of-mouth is hugely important for growing and sustaining visitation.

Our goal is for our clients’ guests to have magical moments which they will want to talk about and repeat.  Achieving this requires attention to detail in thousands of parameters and the creative talent to conceive special experiences.

The offer

Visitors typically see their stay as a whole, a blend of: experiences; emotions; exchanges; interactions; thrills; lessons; images; and sounds.

It is up to the project team to carefully select and develop a menu of encounters which will create this complete, unique experience.

The industry is extremely creative and there are thousands of possibilities for every visitor attraction.  From tried and tested components to innovations and prototypes.  It is critical not only to get the original offer right but to reinvest to enjoy the marketing benefits of adding something new.  All attraction types from theme parks to educational attractions must reinvest a significant proportion of revenues to maintain or grow market share.

Reducing the risks associated with major additions is a particular skill and requires expertise and consideration for:

  • Concept & Design

    • Appeal
    • Impact
    • Value
    • Fit with Offer
  • Capacity requirements and visitation patterns

    • Seasonal, weekly and daily variations
    • Design day
    • Length of stay
    • Hourly capacity
    • Attraction dimensioning
    • Capacity impacts
    • Visitor flow
    • Waiting times
  • Security and comfort
  • Likely impacts for the business

    • Enhance stay
    • Pricing opportunities
    • Per capita spending
    • Operational implications

The end product of a mission is often a master plan, defining a concept which takes full advantage of the available site, whether for an entire visitor attraction or new component, and which demonstrates capacities to handle and entertain the projected volume of attendance.