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Technical Construction & Operational Constraints

At your side through implementation of your projects

Attractions are major employers and complex businesses with significant operating expenses and require careful operational planning.  Every visitor attraction requires a well planned "backstage" , which is not accessible to visitors.  This area is often underestimated by new entrants into our industry.

Whether planning a whole new theme park or an addition to an existing museum, a no nonsense analysis of technical, operational and economic feasibility is always required.

Imaginvest’s approach is based on the simultaneous, non-linear development of an attraction: adaptation to the local context, marketing, design of the visitor experience and economic performance are considered in depth along with planning and consideration for technical and operational efficiency. 

Our hands-on experience in the operational and construction phases of projects and early and continuing consideration of these aspects allows our clients to limit future surprises and save costs.  All of Imaginvest’s plans and designs carefully consider:

  • The construction implications
  • Space requirements
  • How will it be operated?
  • How many staff are needed?
  • How is the management organised?
  • What are the resources needed?
  • What are the operational costs?
  • What is the budget?
  • Financial implications

At Imaginvest we places ourselves in the shoes of the operator and investor, for whom costs go beyond the initial investment and include the on-going cost of operations and maintenance.

Tracking and control of the implementation of the project allow you to open your projects on time and on budget.  Many of our projects have been running for more than a decade (see sustainability).


Imaginvest does not take charge of the operations of a site, but we can put you in touch with related companies who can manage a visitor attraction (see related services).

However, Imaginvest can assist you in setting-up and auditing the operations of the site. Most of our professionals have previously worked in the operations of a site. One of them is fourth generation of a private operating family. 

The Prater is an example of a project where a big part of the master planning work was to assist in the set-up and training of a new operating company, in charge of on-site daily management, marketing, events, information services, cleaning, security, technical maintenance, landscaping and quality control.

How does it work?

Beyond the creativity, designs and images, our no nonsense approach is focused on creating attractions which work for the guests, the operators, the investors and the staff.

Our work includes assessing feasibility, real dimensions, technical descriptions, plans, and even scale models.


Industry specialists

The detailed technical design and engineering of the components of a visitor attraction can involve a great number of specialised companies.

Having been active in the industry for more than two decades allows Imaginvest professionals to know many of these companies and we can assist you in finding the latest technologies and selecting the most appropriate solutions.