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Integration in the local environment


A good location is a fundamental condition for the success of a leisure site, with available markets and access being of particular importance.  Equally the expert use of the project site for each element of the scheme plays a critical role in initial and ongoing success.

Performance of any component, whether it is a shop or restaurant, individual ride or whole visitor attraction within a broader scheme can be hugely impacted by its position, orientation and links with other  elements.  This is the main talent of our master planning team which skillfully places each component of a visitor attraction based upon years of practical experience.

Local context

Sustainable visitor attractions (see also sustainability) operate and develop in harmony with their environment and local context. Understanding our clients’ local context is a prerequisite for Imaginvest on every mission. The following are taken in consideration:

  • Physical context of the site
  • Natural and heritage environment
  • Marketing and competitive environment
  • Community context
  • Socio-cultural and historical context
  • Institutional or corporate environment
  • Economic environment
  • Political environment
  • Project environment

Regional context

Having worked successfully within the most diverse locales, it is natural for Imaginvest to integrate our plans and designs fully within the regional context. 

The local and regional context is researched by our project teams to help us create a truly unique destination, with an authentic and competitive advantage in the marketplace.  This research requires that we look into what works and what does not work within the regional context and the norms of its inhabitants.  This can effect the themes or content we recommend or the types of food and food service for example.

 Decades of international experience have also shown the need for the right balance between:

  • Including elements based on local values and context, and
  • Applying industry standards and rules which have proven to be valid world-wide.

Imaginvest puts this knowledge at the disposal of our clients, allowing them to reduce the risk of falling short of the requirements of the local marketplace, a mistake which has led to failures previously within the leisure industry.

Since its inception and with a varied European background, Imaginvest has pooled professionals from several different countries and has worked across several frontiers, in different languages and in different time zones.

Active world-wide

Imaginvest references show the suitability and adaptability of our know-how in many different countries.

Multiples Languages

Imaginvest main languages used on a daily basis by our team are:

  • English
  • French
  • German

Plans, presentations or even reports have also been made in the language of the project or the client (for example spanish, magyar, swiss german, norvegian, russian, indo-nesian, chinese, viet-namese).

Hungarian Magyar

International Associations

Imaginvest is an active member in several international professional associations, including:

IAAPA (International Asso-ciation of Amusement Parks and Attractions),

WLO (World Leisure Organisation)

PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association).


Adaptation capability

"A hallmark of Imaginvest is its extremely open-minded attitude and adaptability toward different cultures and local context."

Mr. Fischer, owner, theme park Tripsdrill , Germany