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Attracting Visitors

The "raison d'être" of any project in our industry is to attract visitors to spend some of their leisure time on the site.

The first measure of performance of a visitor attraction is the attendance.  Together with per capita spending, which is driven by length of stay, it forms the basis of revenue generation. 

The goal of every owner and operator of a leisure site is to attract visitors in significant numbers and to grow or stabilize attendance at a level sufficient to generate an appropriate return on their investment.

Imaginvest work s with leisure sites of various attendance levels, from 50,000 to 12 million visitors annually. Each level of attendance has specific problems to resolve, and our professionals know how to advise on the specifics of your situation.

Returning visitors year after year is the best proof of success. Our clients appreciate the fact that Imaginvest has contributed to ensure their facility is attractive to visitors year on year.

Market analysis

The Imaginvest approach is based upon detailed market analysis and rigorous benchmarking.  Discerning investors recognize the benefit of understanding the available market to ensure that their offer meets market demand and is appropriately targeted and dimensioned.

These items are only some of several hundred parameters used by Imaginvest in the development of a successful visitor attraction:

  • Resident market detailed drive-time analysis
  • Market demographics
  • Tourist / overnight market
  • Individual vs. group market
  • Mode of travel to the site and traffic patterns
  • Leisure expenditure patterns
  • Other on-site sources of market support
  • Benchmarking and case studies
  • Positioning among actual and future competition
  • Market segments (families, kids, seniors, etc...)
  • Weather analysis
  • School and national holidays analysis
  • Historical patterns of visitation
  • Seasonal analysis (monthly, daily and hourly attendance patterns)
  • Attendance forecast and future growth
  • Admission pricing strategy

Market by drive time

Monthly Attendance

Communication tools

Transforming potential visitors into actual clients requires professional marketing initiatives.  Imaginvest prepares the tools for an appealing branding and strong marketing campaign simultaneously with the development and design process.

  • Creation of name, brand and logo

  • Design of visual identity

  • Advice on the marketing strategy

  • Creation of the advertising campaign

  • Site plan in perspective, usually found in the leaflets and website

  • Bases for printed documents and web-based tools

  • Sponsorship strategy and contracts





Tripsdrill Marketing

The owners of this theme park have been a partner for more than 12 years.  Imaginvest have assisted them with the creation and design of several marketing strategies and tools.

The park has twice achieved the greatest attendance growth in Germany.  It was also awarded the IAAPA Brass Ring Award for marketing actions.


In 1984, Emmanuel Mongon started to develop sponsorship contracts with the Rebus project which won the First European Youth Prize.

As Director of Design and Development of Parc Asterix, he developed the sponsorship strategy and negotiated what became the biggest contract in a theme park signed in Europe at the time.

Sponsorship is also one of the subprojects successfully implemented at the Prater during the Imaginvest assignment as master planer.

Case study Fort Fun

Imaginvest developed a complete package to allow this german theme park to compete with the arrival of a leading brand in the same market:

• New ride
• Themed design
• Reworking of the park logo
• Visual identity for the season
• Creating the advertising campaign
• Ready-to-print posters and documents

The park could keep the attendance on the level of the previous year, which was already a record year.